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Our History

Founded in 2016, but with roots going much further back, Kimball Family Investments is a real estate company focused on redeveloping properties to create value where others see liabilities. This can be seen most recently with the Stevenson Flex Park, formerly Stevenson Lumber. The property sat vacant for a decade with very little interest as the buildings slowly decayed. When KFI got involved, we were able to rezone and revitalize the property. As a result of these efforts, the site is now nearly fully occupied and is once again a thriving business area.

This interest in real estate goes back decades to when June Kimball, Jack's grandmother and Jill's mother in law, started in property management. She began the family infatuation with real estate and over the years the property management gave way to development and investment. With Kimball Family Investments, Jack continues as the third generation of Kimballs in the industry and a renewed focus towards building long term assets in the commercial real estate world.

Looking ahead, we plan to focus our efforts towards self-storage and warehousing. By honing in on these industries, we will be able to focus our development skills in rapidly growing and essential industries. This will enable us to grow at a consistent pace so that the company will continue growing for future generations.

Our Team
Chief Executive Officer

Jill Kimball

Manager of Kimball Family Investments LLC and all its subsidiaries. Jill is involved in strategic planning for the company and is constantly scouring the real estate market for potential acquisition targets.

She has been deeply immersed in the real estate development and investment business following her marriage to John Kimball in 1994. Jill has been licensed to sell real estate in Connecticut since 2001. She is a member of the Greater Bridgeport Board of Realtors, Connecticut Association of Realtors, and the National Association of Realtors as well.

She is currently on the board of Easton Learning Foundation which benefits the schools by funding experiments for innovative teaching inEaston, CT. She is also involved in National Charity League, a volunteer organization for mothers and daughters that benefits local charities.

Jill graduated from the University of Connecticut in 1993 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology.

Chief Operating Officer

Jack Kimball

Jack Kimball is the Chief Operating Officer of Kimball Family Investments LLC and all its subsidiaries. Jack is currently working on the property management of a warehouse and the  a four building, 77-unit self-storage facility at 1585 Monroe Turnpike, Monroe, Connecticut.

From an early age, Jack was surrounded by discussions of real estate in all areas of life. His education may have started with school, but continued long into the evenings, discussing deal points with companies such as Walmart or zoning strategies of one of the many development projects his family was involved in. At home and on the job, Jack observed a constant stream of construction projects which taught him about budgeting, scheduling, critical paths, and lead times. Jack has always been a high achiever, reaching the rank of Eagle Scout by age 14. Jack operated a construction materials salvage business during his Senior year of high school. This entrepreneurial spark continued through college where he built a data visualization tool for digital marketing companies to improve their operational efficiency. 

Jack graduated from the University of Connecticut in 2019 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Management with a concentration in Entrepreneurship and a minor in Computer Science.

What we are best at

Our Skills

Working with towns and zoning officials to maximize the utility of a property while fitting into the goals for the local community
Building out complex projects using our connections and machines so we can deliver projects for ourselves and others with fewer variables
Operating our buildings once built with a focus on remote management and improved relationships with our various tenants
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