A Little More Space

Storage is a major component of our real estate investments, and A Little More Space is the company we use to manage these investments. We've set it up to be as automated as possible providing a streamlined customer interface and simplifying facility management.

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Kimball Family Development

We're able to generate returns early on in a project by looking at it differently than other companies. We are not afraid to delve deep into zoning regulations to find a section to support our goals. We also have experience working closely with zoning officials and towns to rework properties in a way that makes sense for all those involved. The challenge of a complicated deal excites us because it's in those complications that we can truly create value.

heavy Equipment

Kimball Family Equipment

It doesn't make sense to own every piece of equipment, but having key machines allows us to operate on our own schedule. Having immediate access to excavators, dozers and lifts has saved time and money across all of our projects, leading to more predictable schedules and budgets.


Kimball Family Construction

In order to make deals work when other companies can't, we've built a construction company. We are able to build our own facilities from the ground up, capitalizing on opportunities that others have to pass on. We're also able to build out tenant spaces in order to reduce friction in the lease up phase of a project.

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